incredible edibles


In her 1989 book, The Way to Cook, Julia Child compared cooking to a serious art form. I couldn’t agree more, although I think you’ll find my “incredible edibles” a little more cholesterol-friendly.

“Depict food as an art form - as a delightful part of civilized life.”

The Mushroom Hunt

18 x 24” linocut with soft pastel

The Woods Blewit’s Friends

9 x 12” linocut with soft pastel

Two Fun Guys

6 x 8” linocut with soft pastel

These blank The Garden Alphabet cards can be used for any special occasion or simply framed for your kitchen or green room.

The Summer Garden

24 x 36” linocut with watercolor

Searching for Shrooms

18 x 24” linocut with soft pastel

My Garden Alphabet

24 x 36” linocut with watercolor

An Alphabet of Greens

24 x 36” linocut

Mushroom lovers will never get tired of this 18x24” linocut featuring twenty-seven of my favorite organic, edible (well, one deadly angel), and gourmet fungi.

You will easily be able to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables with this clever Garden Alphabet print. (Each fruit and vegetable represents a letter of the alphabet in this kitchen-inspired print.)