animal alphabet


The Animal Alphabet

24 x 36” linocut with watercolor detail

“I is for ink. Ink is black and wet. Ink is fun. What can you do with ink?

Z is for zoo. Let’s go to the zoo. See all the animals!”

The cover of Shel Silverstein’s Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book, reads “A primer for adults only.” The Animal Alphabet series is for both adults and children as well - cleverly integrating the alphabet, animals and the arts. Can you name all the animals depicted below in alphabetical order?
(Hint: “U” and “X” use their scientific classification.)

All prints are limited edition, hand-printed and/or colored based on your aesthetics. Alphabet animals are also available as single, matted letters should you want to spell out your child’s name.

The Animal Alphabet print also has a card series line! These blank cards (with matching envelope) could be used for any special occasion.

The Animal Alphabet

24 x 36” linocut with alphabet stenciling

Mabel Bear

6 x 8” linocut with watercolor detail


6x 6” linocut with watercolor detail

Little boys are not the only ones who love these puppy dog tails! Send your puppy photos to for a custom piece.

It’s poultry season all year round with these unframed prints and card sets.

What a Pair

3 x 3” linocut (unframed print or card set)


8x10” linocut with watercolor detail

The Animal Alphabet (Detail)

Look What the Stork Brought

4x6” linocut (unframed print or card set)

Don’t close your eyes! This lumbering bear, speedy horse and hopping bunny are jumpin’ jack flash.

A Teddy Bear Picnic

6x8” 2-plate process

Hippity Hoppity

4x6” linocut with watercolor detail

Preakness Racer

9x12” linocut